Event Details

WEDNESDAY  Jan 15, 2020

(with Director Sam Jones)

Venue:  Walled Garden Theatre

Tickets: BBD$$25/US$12.50
Rated R (Restricted)


Mudding: it’s just something people do in Florida. You get your friends, your beer, and your truck, and you drive through the mud until you can’t see the paint. If you know where to look, you can find people mudding everywhere in Florida – even right behind SeaWorld. Swamp Ghost is the last real mudhole in Orlando, and that’s where we meet “Video Pat.” Pat has devoted his life to filming trucks at the mudhole and practically raised his daughters Krista and Jessi out there. But when Swamp Ghost goes up in flames, Pat loses everything. There’s nowhere left to go.

As Pat deals with the fallout, we – and Pat – begin to understand that Swamp Ghost had a dark side, and his obsession with mudding has had a profound affect on his family. Krista’s unplanned pregnancy and Jessi’s drug and health issues threaten the fragile family unit as they try to get back into the mud. They’re not alone in that goal – available land is disappearing all across Florida, so mudders flock to the Redneck Yacht Club: a huge event that attracts tens of thousands to a weekend long “redneck Mardi Gras.” Unable to find a new mudhole in Orlando, Pat leaves the family behind and heads south to RYC.

After his initial excitement, Pat begins to find the new paradigm of mudding a shocking contrast to the backwoods community he knew at Swamp Ghost. RYC is expensive, dangerous, misogynist, racist, and politically charged. It’s a drunken dystopia of white male “freedom”: freedom from laws, from responsibility, and from “the other.” Pat finds it overwhelming and alienating. Back in Orlando, he is finally able to accept that his heyday is over and discard his identity as “Video Pat.” He turns his focus away from mudding and towards taking care of his daughters and Krista’s new baby. “Country folks can survive,” Pat tells us, even if things can never go back to the way they were. Pat’s hopes are kept alive by the idea the baby will “carry on the heritage” of mudding – though perhaps that’s not such a good thing.

Filmmaker Bio

Sam B. Jones is a filmmaker born in Panama and raised in Washington DC and Seattle. Sam studied photography and film at Wesleyan University before moving to New York City, where he works as a director and cinematographer.

Sam’s directing career began 2012 when he directed Le1f’s breakout hit WUT which went viral, garnering millions of views online and playing in exhibitions at MOCA and the Whitney Museum. Sam has since directed numerous videos for cutting-edge young artists like Yung Jake, Danny Brown, and DonChristian. As a DP, he’s shot commercial work for clients such as Adidas, Vogue, and GE.

In addition to RED, WHITE & WASTED, Sam continues to direct commercial projects for clients such as Reebok, Avon, and Park Hyatt and is developing his own narrative feature film projects.



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