BIFF Filmmaker Collaboration Grants

BIFF showcases the work of emerging filmmakers, producers and actors from around the world and provides a platform for independent films that embrace the power of storytelling to inform, inspire and entertain.

Central to our mission is bringing filmmakers to Barbados to share their unique story-making process and facilitating networking opportunities with local filmmakers. The BIFF Filmmaker Collaboration Grant pairs an emerging filmmaker from Barbados with a filmmaker from overseas to collaborate on a short film about a unique aspect of Barbados. The new film premieres at the subsequent Festival and then has broadcast legs on websites, social media and other communications networks.

The grant provides a world-class experience for emerging filmmakers while also capturing local stories from historic and contemporary perspectives. Its legacy will be the creation of a stunning, video archive of Barbados’ rich culture, geography and achievements.

Early morning shoot of Seaside Stables: A Gallop to the Ocean

Liquid Gold: The Story of Rum in Barbados Shoot

Collaboration Grants are awarded to two winners from the previous festival – one from Barbados and one from overseas.  Together, they develop, shoot and edit a film about a unique story of Barbados on a lean budget and a very short deadline.  To date, the results have been extraordinary: Seaside Stables: A Gallop to the Ocean takes you into the world of Barbados’ race horses and grooms as well as their morning swim each morning. Liquid Gold: The Story of Rum in Barbados premiered at the 2019 Barbados Film Festival and was later selected to screen in China as an official representation of Barbados filmmaking. BIFF is a proud underwriter of the film and screening in China.  

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