A unique after work experience served with wine and delectables. Special programming includes thought-provoking films by women who highlight issues of cultural identity, beauty, self-worth and more.

Films include:


Wednesday, Jan 10 at 5:30 PM


Olympus Theatre, Sheraton Mall, VIP Section


$25 (film + discussion + desserts)

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by Shari Petti

Sorf Hair explores the natural hair experience in Trinidad and Tobago as several people from different walks of life with different hair textures unearth their stories, challenges and give their point of view on how and why naturals are treated the way they are in this country.


by Chelsea Odufu

Ori Inu: In Search of Self is a coming of age story about a young immigrant woman who must choose between conforming her identity and spirituality to the cultural norms of America or revisiting her roots in the Afro-Brazilian religion called Candomble.


by Kerry-lyn Coppin

Twenty-two-year-old Rorie Burgess goes on a mental journey to help cope with her feelings toward her father, who was never a part of her life, though she had always longed for a relationship with him.  After the death of her paternal grandmother, she discovers a bag of letters that she wrote to him over the years, all unopened.


by Jacqueline King-Howell

Miriam Pickett, successful businesswoman, mother of two, wife of beloved Teddy Pickett, a woman of faith, and friend to all. Miriam believes there’s a solution to every problem and wakes up every day with a smile on her face.  She’s very proud of her life in every area and has worked very hard to maintain an image of perfection for self and family.

Even in the face of Teddy’s unexpected death, Miriam remains the epitome of class and dignity, keeping it all together.  Or is she?  Is Miriam as perfect as she’s led others to believe?  Is that reality or self-perception?  As the day progresses, we start to see the cracks in Miriam’s world, cracks she tries to ignore and cover simultaneously.   Miriam, in her quest to be the envy of and measuring stick for others, is willing to do whatever it takes to sustain the façade she has created…with deadly intent.